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[26 Jul 2007|04:51am]

I just created readinguk for people living in Reading. Please come and join if that applies!
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CLICKY CLICK... [24 Jul 2007|12:57am]



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2 COOL 4 ARTSCOOL PARTY.....(X POSTED) [12 Jul 2007|11:08am]


SAT 4TH AUG @ LIVE (UPSTAIRS @ THE OFFICE) 7 CROWN STREET, ABERDEEN..... http://i203.photobucket.com/albums/aa291/durtclub/augflyer_1.jpg


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I know this will sound stupid.. [05 Jul 2007|07:32pm]

I am up to Manchester on Thursday for a hospital appt. I was wondering if there are any piercing shops within a short walk of Manchester Royal. I am after an unbent nose screw (fishtail) and am having no luck here in Barrow or surrounding towns, and I go to Manchester so often I figured I should start poking about.

Thanks all!

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Oxford OFS Studio Theatre [05 Jul 2007|05:03pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Do you dare to dream?

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No BB on Saturday? [23 Jun 2007|10:30pm]

Just went through the listings convinced I have missed Big Brother while I was trapped in A&E, only to find that the eviction was repeated at 11 this morning but that there is no Big Brother in the evening? Is it just this Saturday or is there just no Big Brother on any Saturday?

Sorry to be a bit thick, I just don't remember anything about it not being on at Saturdays.
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V3IM Software [11 Jun 2007|04:25pm]

Anyone know where I can download the software to download contacts from my phone for the V3IM? I can't find my stupid CD anywhere and its doing my head in as the phone has to go to be repaired (again) as the only time I can talk to people is with the speaker bit on.

Thanks in advance!

ETA: I've googled my poor little heart out and ripped my house to bits looking for it, and still no luck! Help me super surfers of the internet! lol

Even if someone could email me an image of the disc, that would be great!

Edit again! I just noticed all my contacts are on the sim card and I can blue-tooth copy all my photos and videos, so I think I am safe until the cd materializes - thanks all!
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I know it's a long shot, but... [18 May 2007|10:40pm]

Does anyone have the book needed for that citizenship exam thing? I'm seriously short on cash (have been signed off work for months due to bad health, but still on the 3 year visa so I can't claim benefits) and need the stupid thing for that exam so I can get the next visa (how stupid is that) and as last time I phoned the visa was £350 with no exam or anything, I've sent in all the forms and the cheque and now they are saying "Um, sorry, its just changed to £750, and you have to do this exam first" and now there is some waiting list for this exam and I wont be able to take it til after my visa expires. What a nightmare!

Anyway! I am hoping someone out there has version 2 of this book and is done with it, maybe even the test questions book, and is looking to sell it on or just give it away? its called Home Office: Life In The UK, A Journey To Citizenship 2007. I would really appreciate it and pass it on again when done or even send it back!

thanks SOOO much guys!
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Need help with the Glaswegian accent! [29 Jan 2007|06:24pm]

I'm a NYC-based creative working on an internet show featuring a Scottish character. The American actress we're using has a talent for mimicry but no familiarity with an authentic Glaswegian accent.

Is there anyone raised in Glasgow (preferably female) who can answer some questions about the accent and the proper way to pronounce certain sentences? Will repay the favor any way you see fit (er, except for with actual cash, as we're all dead broke).

If by some chance you're an actor trying to get the New York accent down, I've got some "tutorials" on the subject here.

Thanks in advance, any help appreciated, and my apologies if this post doesn't fit the community!


- Rain
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I need some help ASAP! [02 Jan 2007|03:13am]

Need some serious help getting my pets into the UKCollapse )

Problem solved! power_walker got me thinking on that they may think my fish are for sale, which they will never be, so I phoned back and told them and told them and they will be waving the agent and things will go as promised, I pack fish, check fish, collect fish, re-check fish, re-collect fish. Soooo glad that is all over! Thanks so much to all who read and thank you THANK YOU sooooo super much power_walker for pointing that out. I did say to them "Pet fish, its going to cost that much for PET FISH?!" but in the end they kept thinking importing to sell fish after all! Thanks so much!! :) :)
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Confused about filters [15 Dec 2006|11:31am]

Can anybody tell me how I make a filtered post using the new update console? I click on "custom" but I see no filters...
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Basildon Area Diabetics [10 Nov 2006|01:10pm]

Hi there!
I have set up a new diabetes community, and I just want to open it up to you guys ~ all constructive opinions about the site are gratefully recieved.
Please delete this post or inform me or whatever if it's not allowed.

The community in question is primarily for diabetics and people with an interest in diabetes who live in my local area of the UK, to raise interest in my local voluntary branch of Diabetes UK. But people who want to talk about their diabetes lifestyles, developments they have made and any questions they may have about the condition and how to cope are welcome to join the community.

Please see Basildon Area Diabetics at b_a_diabetics
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[10 Sep 2006|12:30pm]

Hi, I hope this is allowed.

Just wanted to let any music lovers from the Northwest of the UK, from Blackpool to Betws-y-coed, know that there is a new community for you.

It's called uk_nw_music.

I'm hoping that people in the region from across the musical spectrum will join up.

It is open for all kinds of musical discussion, from finding bandmates to talking about new albums to finding your local youth orchestra. So basically anything music-related, whatever the angle.

x-posted lots.
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[07 Sep 2006|10:38am]

Quick question guys..

Here’s the scenario:

Partner and I jointly bought a house in 1998, sold house in 2002 and used profit to put deposit on new house, jointly mortgaged, but payments came out of his bank. He moved out in February and I changed the direct debit over and paid the mortgage on my own to date. I want to move out and he’s going to take over the mortgage again while I rent privately. We have two children who will be coming with me.

When I decide to buy a house in the future, where will I stand with regards to my half of the profit (currently about £100k) in the house we own?
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hello newbie here [14 Jul 2006|11:38am]

Hi from sunny lancashire :)
(well it is today) New Horizonz is a not for profit community group
in Lancashire and this is among our first posts to LJ.

Feel free to visit our LJ Page if you have an interest from Aromatherapy to Zen, holistic living and news or reviews.
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[12 Mar 2006|02:09pm]


Thought I'd pimp this lil ad about ... And I know this isn't the main LJ UK place, but y'know I don't want to piss anyone off in there with ads such as this.

Anyways, here it is.....

<td valign="center" align="middle">Flatmate wanted - Ockendon (Essex)
room in 2 bed flat - Ockendon w/parking. 30 mins to London. F/view TV & 2mb i/net in lounge. n/s pro pref £230.00 per calendar month. jamie.bright@gmail.com / 07817 967094
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LJ Cluster Maps [06 Jan 2006|02:21pm]

this is probably very very late, but has everyone/anyone added themselves to this thing?


x-posted a shit load.
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Reading Stitch n Bitch Reminder [24 Oct 2005|09:20am]

Just a quick reminder due to day change, the first Reading Stitch n Bitch will be tomorrow 25th October at The Global cafe, Reading from 7.30pm onwards.
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Reading Stitch n Bitch - change of plan [14 Oct 2005|11:25am]

Originally I posted that this was going to be on the first Tuesday of every month starting in November. The problem I have is that although I would like it to be the first Tuesday of each month I have since found out that for both November and December I am not going to be able to make it because of work stuff, and this may become a bit of a regular thing.

So I am currently thinking of changing it to the LAST Tuesday of the month, so the first one will could on 25th October.

How do people feel about this?
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Skiing Holidays [09 Oct 2005|08:57pm]

[ mood | curious ]

My friend and I are thinking of going on a Ski Holiday or Xmas/new year and I was wondering if anyone knows of any good places to ski. Websites, travel companies etc. or others to avoid.
Neither of us has ever been skiing to a proper ski resort before so would be grateful for any advice.


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